veterinary services Berlin, MD
Here at Berlin Animal Hospital, we are pleased to have a large amount of veterinary services available for our patients. We are proud to be able to serve Berlin, MD and our surrounding communities to give your pet the best care that they deserve!

Our staff at Berlin Animal Hospital is filled with passionate animal lovers who are here to help you and your pet! They are highly trained and dedicated to making sure that your pets receive the care and compassion every time they walk in the door!

We offer the following services to keep your pets healthy:

Dental Care Berlin, MD

Dental Care

Bad breath in our pets is the sign of an unhealthy mouth because it is caused by bacteria. That bacteria creates plaque and tartar which leads to dental disease, more health complications, and expensive treatments. There are many ways to try and control your pet's tartar and prevent dental disease, so ask us about your options. Sometimes our veterinarians will recommend a dental cleaning which requires sedation.

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Surgery Berlin, MD


We provide a wide range of surgical services from routine to complex. We monitor your pet before, during and after surgery to ensure your pet has a quick and healthy recovery. We are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have about surgery, including concerns about anesthesia, pain management, or postoperative care. When your pet is discharged we will review your postoperative care and medication instructions. If any questions arise after your pet returns home or at any other time during the postoperative period, call us. We understand that surgery is stressful for many pet owners and want to help you feel as comfortable and confident as possible.

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Advanced Digital X-rays Berlin, MD

Advanced Digital X-rays

A radiograph (sometimes called an x-ray) can be used to evaluate almost any organ in the body, including the heart, lungs, and abdominal organs, as well as the bones. Radiography is painless, safe, and non-invasive, using very low doses of radiation. Radiographs are used to evaluate bones, organs, intestinal blockage, cancer, tumors, bladder stones, chronic arthritis, and many other conditions.

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Microchipping Berlin, MD


A microchip is a permanent pet ID and about the size and shape of a grain of rice and is injected underneath your pet's skin between the shoulder blades. It is very easy and safe to have your pet implanted with a microchip and will last the life of your pet. When a microchip is implanted, you are given a registration form to complete. We will then enter your information into a national database where veterinary hospitals, animal shelters, and animal control offices across the country can detect the microchip and read the identification number. This allows you to be contacted and reunited your pet.

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Wellness Exams Berlin, MD

Wellness Exams

Here at Berlin Animal Hospital we want to prevent illness and prolong your pets life, not just treat diseases. During a wellness exam our veterinarians will exam your pet's major organ systems. They will also ask you questions about your pet and discuss issues such as parasites and weight. It is not unusual for our doctors to diagnose an ear infection or skin issue you did not realize was a problem.

Vaccines have saved the lives of millions of pets but unvaccinated pets are at high risk for a variety of infectious diseases. There are a multitude of vaccines available to pets and we recognize that not all pets need every vaccines available. While we have our “core” vaccines that we recommend, we realize pets needs change throughout their lives and we consider many factors when making recommendations

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Behavior Management Berlin, MD

Behavior Management

Your pet's behavior affects your everyday life and the bond between you and your pet. Our veterinarians address a variety of behavioral issues everyday, from housetraining to anxiety and aggression. Many pet parents blame themselves for their pet's behavior. Sometimes behavior does result from trauma, but often it is the result of associations accidentally learned during training. Sometimes it is a medical condition that can be treated with prescriptions. We want to help you and your pet live together as stress free as possible.
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Parasite Prevention Berlin, MD

Parasite Prevention

Parasites are more than a nuisance; they can cause serious illness and even death in pets. Ticks transmit many infectious diseases like Lyme disease, fleas transmit tapeworms and Bartonella. Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes and certain intestinal parasites are transmissible to humans. We can recommend tests to determine if your pet has parasites and monthly medications to prevent your pets from contracting these diseases.

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Hospice and Euthanasia Berlin, MD

PHospice and Euthanasia

Making the decision to euthanize your pet is incredibly difficult and heartbreaking. There are times when all the capabilities of medical science have been exhausted and euthanasia is the only way to prevent an animal from suffering needlessly. We try to be as supportive as possible during that difficult time and our veterinarians will discuss all your options. We will work with our during your pet's last days in order to make them as comfortable as possible and will make every effort to accommodate your wishes.

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